All rentals
have the following

  • four passenger rear
  • head and tail lights
  • windshields
2 day minimum
3 day minimum on holidays
must be at least 21 years of age
reservations recommended
Deposits are refundable with seven (7) day notice prior to rental date. Dates can be changed if golf carts are available. (2 week
prior notice needed.) All rules of the rental property area apply to golf cart rentals (campground, condo, homes). Renter is
responsible for any and all damages or injuries during the course of this rental. Only adult, licensed drivers allowed to operate.
Our rentals may not be trailered by renter to any other location. *Prices may change without notice.
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For reservations
please call:
(252) 393-7337
Holiday Trav-L-Park Resort, Emerald Isle, NC